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1. Reputable Brand Name

SETEC HIDROBRASILEIRA has the objective of consolidating its brand name by using a strategy of consistently and continuously connecting it to large projects with high degree of complexity and with visibility that is recognized in the domestic and international markets.

2. Capability and Technical Quality

SETEC HIDROBRASILEIRA endeavors to be recognized for its technical capabilities, by providing the best alternative for developing its designs, with innovation, cost optimization, and timeframes, all of which are solidly supported by the local and global teams.

3. Independence

SETEC HIDROBRASILEIRA is a fully independent company that schedules its actions with ethical principles.

4. Reliability

SETEC HIDROBRASILEIRA endeavors to establish a solid relationship with its clients, subcontractors, and partner-companies, basing its relations on mutual confidence.

5. Proactivity

SETEC HIDROBRASILEIRA stands firmly on its commitment to anticipate, listen, understand and respond to all demands, with speed, efficiency and excellence.

6. Efficiency and Organization

SETEC HIDROBRASILEIRA’s objective is to maintain a productive and self-supporting internal structure, using clear definitions and practical procedures, workable internal planning, teamwork, training and knowledge management.

7. Internal Satisfaction

SETEC HIDROBRASILEIRA provides an agreeable environment based on confidence, pride and motivation, thus generating quality of life to all its associates.