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Urban Mobility | Santo André . PMSA

Studies for Obtaining Financing from the BID to Implement the Sustained Urban Mobility Program for the Municipality of Santo André

Prefeitura Municipal de Santo André

Santo André – SP / Brazil

Apr/2014 to Apr/2015

The Sustained Mobility Program of Santo André is included in the municipality’s Strategic Transport Planning and its objective is to promote sustained urban mobility in the municipality by means of implementing an adequate infrastructure and a modern transport system that prioritizes collective and non-motorized mobility modes, integrating the municipality’s urban nucleus and the vicinities.

This integration will be enhanced by a combination of civil works that includes:

  • Special treatment for streets and avenues where buses circulate, as well as exclusive bus-lanes for collective transportation;
  • Urban requalification actions that are devised to provide equality to non-motorized mobility on important roadways;
  • Implementation of measures to increase capacity of the transport systems, with the purpose of achieving a more efficient traffic, local and regional;

The intention of these interventions/adjustments is to achieve improvement of the time spent by users of collective transport, as well as reducing air pollution, by limiting emissions from the buses of the municipal fleet. It also has the objective of stimulating non-motorized mobility modes, thus contributing towards a reduction in the participation of private vehicles in the municipality’s modal division.

Of the services rendered, the following main activities are noteworthy:

  • Preparation of documents for the purpose of obtaining foreign financing;
  • Diagnosis of the current transport situation in Santo André;
  • Analysis and consolidation of the program:
  • Analysis and supervision of the project’s basic design (elaborated by the project design company hired by the PMSA);
  • Socioeconomic feasibility studies;
  • Institutional and financial studies of the Santo André Municipality’s transport system;
  • Elaboration of the program’s social and environmental management report (IGAS - Informe de Gestão Ambiental e Social).